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If you live in Conroe, Texas, then you know that you need to be outside to enjoy all that your community has to offer. And, the best way to do that is to have a deck, or yard structure, built by your local professionals.

On the outskirts of Houston and further north of The Woodlands and Spring, Conroe was the fastest growing community in the entire United States from July 1st, 2015 – July 1st, 2016.  , you have the richness of the big city on your doorstep while retaining the quaintness of a smaller community.

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What's The Big Deal About Outdoor Living Spaces?

If you live in Texas, then you know that you need to be outdoors to enjoy the neverending sunshine.

We are people who love to go hunting, hiking, fishing, and to baseball games. But, being outside is about more than just trekking through nature. When you come home, you’ll want to have a place to enjoy. This is where having a deck, porch, or patio in your backyard can bring your outdoor living space to life.

Our Services


Our company can handle all things indoor and outdoor flooring, but decks are our bread and butter, and it is our service that is most often requested. We build decks and we install them. From pressure-treated decks to TREX deck installation, we do it all.

We have years of experience in installing decks, and we can help you today. No matter what you need, we have the skills to help.


A porch is a great way to create a welcoming entrance to the front of your home, along with giving you a place to relax and people watch. From simple front porches to wraparound porches to farmer’s porches, we can do it all.

With years of experience as porch builders, we can create the house of your dreams. With options for open porches, covered porches, screened porches, and decorative porches, we can help you achieve the look that you want.

The best thing about a porch is that it will also increase the value of your home. Adding a porch will add to the resale value, and it is an addition that you can enjoy too.

Shade Structures

Living in Texas, you know that it gets warm, and that can sometimes be an understatement. Shade structures allow you and your family to enjoy your yard all through the year.

Too much sunshine can be dangerous to yourself, pets and young children. A shade structure is the solution that you need.

If you want to spend more time outside, host all day parties, or read in some shade, than a shade structure is for you. We can build standalone shade structures, add a shade structure to an existing deck/porch, or build a brand new deck with a shade structure.

Deck Repair

No matter how well your deck was built, it will eventually need repairs. Of course, there are some companies that build substandard decks, and DIY projects can often go wrong. No matter what the reason is for needed repairs, you can trust us.

When it comes to deck repair, we will be completely honest with you. More often than not, to get what you really want, you may have to demo your old deck and leave it to our professionals to build what you really want. However, before you worry about budget, call us to schedule a free estimate so we can give you all of your options.

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Benefits Of Building (Or Repairing) A Deck

More Space

Sometimes, you just need more space. Building an extension can be costly, but building a deck is comparatively affordable. A deck will also let you enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your own home.

A deck can be customized so that it is right outside your back door. It does not matter if your door is at ground level or is elevated, we can create a deck that matches, giving you the ability to step straight from your home to your deck.

We also give you the option to cover the deck if you need that, creating a space that can be used year-round. A great place to let the kids free while you enjoy the peace and quiet.


If you like to entertain, then a deck is the perfect addition to your home, especially in the summer months. When the heat hits, you do not want to be stuck inside, especially if you have a lot of guests around.

Having a deck outside your back door gives you a great place to host a barbecue or dinner party, and you can step straight from the kitchen to the deck. A deck will give you a place where people like to relax, and you can stay our there well into the evening and beyond.

Even if you do not have guests around, a deck is a fantastic place to eat supper with the family.

Increased Home Value

When you add a deck to your home, you increase the value of your home, as long as you have one professionally built and installed (and we can help you with that part).

Decks are becoming more and more common, and the housing market is becoming more competitive. Your home now needs to stand apart from the others (or keep up). Adding a deck adds instant value. It adds square footage to your home, gives a place to relax, and improves the view from your yard. A well-built deck will also add beauty to your back yard.

The best thing about adding a value-increasing deck is that you get to enjoy the benefits too.

Adds Beauty

While it can be hard to change the aesthetic of your home, it can be easy to have a deck built and installed. A beautiful deck can make up for an older house, and create a modern look without having to rebuild or repaint.

You can also use a deck to tie in your yard and home. By creating a gateway between the two, you can create more flow and a more welcoming environment.

If you want to go all the way, you can even use your deck as a statement. Make the deck the focal point of your yard, and draw everyone’s eye to it. No matter what your plans are, let your local deck building professionals help.

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