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Woodlands Decks is a full-service deck builder and repair team servicing The Woodlands, TX Area.

We’re passionate about installing custom decks, gazebos, pergolas, outdoor living spaces as well as deck repairs/renovations.

Our team will help you build a backyard living space which will create joyful memories for you and your family for years to come.

If you’re tired of having no privacy in your backyard, ready to increase the value of your home, or want to spend more time outdoors, our team will walk you from steps A-Z to make sure your dream becomes a reality. So what are you waiting for? If you found yourself searching for a deck builder, then you’re in the right place. Click below to get a FREE estimate and discover what our experienced deck contractors can do for you.

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What's The Big Deal About Outdoor Living Spaces?

There’s no better place to lay back and admire the hard work you’ve put into every aspect of your home than in your backyard.

The Texas heat can be unforgiving, but it can also be perfect for outdoor activities, especially when you can enjoy them with a custom deck build by Woodlands Decks.

The opportunities are endless from relaxing by yourself reading a good book, enjoying the company of family and friends around the barbecue, or watching the kids swim in the pool while you get your tan on.

Your opportunities don’t end at a backyard deck.

Depending on your budget, size of your yard, or specific needs, you have a few more options.

For example:

A beautiful gazebo can fit into almost any sized yard and immediately add the perfect mix of shade and aesthetic appeal to your backyard.

A pergola can also protect you from the hot Texas Sun, or nosy neighbor eyes while giving you a place to relax outside.

That’s not it.

How about adding a porch to your front yard too?

Why Work With Woodlands Decks?

You already agree you’d like to explore a new deck, shade structure, or porch, you just need someone who can take what’s in your head and turn it into a real life structure in your yard.

The only question which remains is, “Why should I trust you to do the job?”

That’s a good question, especially when ANYBODY can advertise themselves as a “qualified” deck contractor. It can even be overwhelming to sift through all of your options and find someone who is qualified, available, AND honest.

If you’re lucky enough to have landed on our site, be glad to know your search can end here.

Our entire crew takes pride in offering excellent customer service and giving our clients exactly what they want from top to bottom.

Here are three ways we get the job done for our clients:

  • We always use top-of-the-line materials to ensure quality, safety, and longevity of our projects.
  • We vet all of our employees to make sure they are trustworthy and knowledgable so you never have to worry about having in-experienced craftsman building your deck.
  • We provide top of the line customer service by fostering long lasting relationships with our past and current clients.

Our Services

Deck Builder

A great deck can bring your yard to life. In all months of the year in Texas, a well-built deck is a place you and the family can relax and enjoy the outdoors. We like to build outdoor living spaces that can fit the whole family as well as BBQ equipment, a porch swing, tables, etc.

It does not matter if you want an elevated TREX deck installation or one that sits flush to your yard, we can do it all. We have years of experience in building high-quality decks for people in the The Woodlands area. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call, and start dreaming of the perfect deck.

Porch Builder

We’re not just deck builders. A porch allows you to maximize the living space in the front of your home for year-round enjoyment. Allow us to build you a porch which adds functional value to your home and takes its aesthetic appeal to the next level.

Not only is a porch a place where you can hang out with your friends and family, but it is also an excellent way to increase the value of your home. If you do not have the space in the back for a deck, or if you do, but want more, then a porch is the answer, and we have the knowledge to guide through the process from start to finish.


Patio Builder

Going for a more Mediterranean look, why not choose to build a patio?

Our patio builders can build a floating patio that is attached to your home or a little distance from it. 

Do you have a pool? We can build a patio by or around that too. By placing it in an area of sunlight, you can reap all of the rewards from being outdoors. 

We have a choice of materials, from poured concrete to natural stones and slabs. Want space for a large patio furniture set or a large umbrella to provide shade? No problem, we have you covered. If you can dream it, then we can build it.

Shade Structures

A pergola, gazebo, or shaded porch is one of the best ways to shade yourself from the Texas heat while also adding aesthetic value to your backyard. If your backyard is feeling dull, then a pergola or gazebo is a very cost effective additions.

Above Ground Pool Deck

Are you looking to add an above ground pool to your backyard? Or maybe you already have one and want a beautiful deck to surround it. We have years of experience turning unsightly above ground pools into backyard oasis which is safe and enjoyable for the whole family.

Deck Remodel

Is your deck, patio, porch, or shade structure old and worn? Have you invested your money in a builder that did shoddy work, and are left with an ugly or non-functioning structure? 

Give us a call, and we can set it right.

Our years of experience in building decks, patios, and more has given us firsthand knowledge of what can go wrong. We know the problems that can arise, and we know how to fix them. When another builder gets lazy, doesn’t finish the work, or tries to cut corners, you can trust us to fix it.

Some people give contractors a bad name. We are here to fix that too.

Deck Refinishing

We know everything there is about deck refinishing and can bring your deck back to life.

We can restain your deck using a transparent, solid, multicolor, or semitransparent stain.

Give us a call to schedule an estimate to get your deck refinished.

Our Deck Building Process

With decades of deck building experience, we have ironed out the perfect deck building process from the moment you pick up the phone to hammering the last nail.

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Most frequent questions and answers

From all of our builds, the average cost of a deck is $25 per square foot.

The material you choose to use will also play a role in the price of your deck.

For example:

  • Redwood/Cedar = $22 per sq. foot
  • Composite = $20 per sq. foot
  • TREX Decking = $22 per sq. foot
    Pine $13 per sq. foot

You can also calculate the cost by adding the three main parts of any deck:

  • The planks used for the flooring
  • The foundation
  • The railing

If you already have an existing deck, the cost MAY be cheaper than starting from scratch.

Another way to drive down the cost of your deck build is by doing the installation on your own. This should cut the cost of your installation in half, but you’ll have to keep a few things in mind when choosing this option.

It’s a simple fact, nothing compares to the craftsmanship of an experienced deck builder.

About 5-7 work days.

Absolutely! You are free to use your home as usual while our builders get to work.

About 30-50 days after your deck is built, you will need to seal it with a quality wood sealer. It’s recommended that you stain and seal your deck on an annual basis. This will ensure your deck maintains its warmth and shine. Failing to do this will cause your investment to turn discolored, splinter, and warp.

One thing our customers are always surprised by is how many options they have when choosing their custom backyard living space design.

While we usually install custom decks, we can also install:

  • ​Porches
  • Pergolas & Gazebos
  • Above Ground Pool Decks

We also repair & remodel all of the above-named structures

Areas We Serve

The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, Tomball, Rayford, Egypt & Shenandoah.

If you would like to inquire if we service your area, please call (281) 336-9312

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